ARB/ARC Information

In order to make modifications to the exterior of your house, you must submit an ARB. Please complete the packet and email the PDF along with the supporting documentation as outlined in the packet to Ed Katz and Craig Cohen. You can click on their names email them. Please note, the ARC Committee will only be meeting on the same night as the Board Meetings.

We recommend giving a copy of the ARB Packet to your contractor in order for them to see the requirements, for example needing a Certificate of Insurance. This will help in avoiding back and forth during the process.

Note: For roof ARBs an aerial view can be obtained from the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s Website –
You’ll have to take a screen capture. For other projects a survey must be included, for many this would have been done / provided when you purchased your home. If not you will need to contact a land survey company.

ARB Guidelines and Request Form

ARB Hurricane Shutter Information

ARB Requests for hurricane shutters of either the accordion type or removable panel type will be approved. The color of the accordion type hurricane shutters should closely match the color of the exterior wall on which they are mounted. Accordion type shutters may be closed and panel type shutters installed when a Hurricane Watch is announced by the National Weather Service. Accordion type shutters must be opened and panel type shutters must be removed within five (5) days or the following weekend, whichever is longer after passage of a hurricane or hurricane watch. The POA will permit permanent window treatments in areas of limited accessibility of a polycarbonate material that is clear, flat (not corrugated), that meets Miami-Dade hurricane shutters standards, and is contoured to fit the window (also known as Lexan shutters).